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Meet our family. Ryan. Grace. Myla. Elliette. Esther. We happily reside in Illinois. Ryan is a project manager for a grocery retailer and Grace is a stay-at-home mom to the little ladies. Early in 2015, the Lord led us to begin our adoption journey.

We are tremendously blessed to be on our adoption journey. It is a joy to open our home and hearts and serve the Lord wherever he guides.


When our middle daughter was four months old, we nearly lost her twice. Through that time of struggle, the Lord faithfully revealed to our family that he was mighty to save. We leaned on our Lord during that time like never before and because of that experience, we know that wherever the Lord leads us, he is faithful to guide, sustain and give us the strength we need to walk the path He sets before us no matter how daunting it seems. 


We have been blessed with three lovely little ladies. Let us introduce you to them. Our oldest is Myla Jane. Then, Elliette May. Lastly, is our littlest: Miss Esther Louise. She is the brainchild behind ANDA Bib Scarves. 


Esther mastered the art of the drool bomb very early in life. Seriously. She takes professional drooling to new heights. 

Starting around three months old, she started to soak through regular bibs in a matter of minutes. Something had to be done. Enter- the drool bib: thick, absorbant and oh-so-very cuddly soft. Not to mention, it is incredibly stylish. And the best part? It was made with love by Mommy.


When it was time to think about fundraisers for our adoption, we immediately thought of little Esther's drool bib. 


Not only does the drool bib provide a stylish solution for drooly little ladies and little men, but it's also a fundraiser for our adoption. 


"A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his Holy habitation. God sets the solitary in families." Psalms 68:5

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