Medical clearances are done. Most of our paperwork for our home study is done. Passports are in. This is happening. We are adopting. Now that we are almost done unburying ourselves from most of the home study paperwork, the reality of adoption does not seem so far away anymore. I am sure it’s going to settle in really quickly when we start our adoption coursework this weekend too.

We just saw that six families, who are using our same agency, got their court dates for going to pick up their children in Uganda. We are so excited for them, but it’s also reminded us of all the unknowns that are looming in our own adoption journey. Are we going to adopt one child or two? Boy? Girl? Both? Twins? When will our home study be complete? Is it possible that we may travel before the end of the year?

As buried as we have been in all the paperwork, the questions we have are even more daunting because there is nothing we can do about most of them right now except wait. My sweet sister-in-law shared this verse the other day, “Sit still my daughter until thou know how the matter turns out…” (Ruth 3:18).

So, here we wait and work diligently on the tasks we have in front of us at this moment. We are busy loving on and taking care of each other and our little ladies along with our usual responsibilities. We are starting our adoption coursework this weekend. Bib scarves are keeping us busy and little red gifts are starting to come in (thank you very much to everyone who has participated in this challenge so far!). has raised over $1,000 now and we are so very close to meeting our first little red gifts fundraising goal of $500. It’s exciting to see all the ways the Lord is providing for us and opening doors for our adoption.

There will probably be a bit of a lull again in our updates since we will be busy on reading all the required materials and working on the adoption coursework, but we would love if you would continue to keep us in prayer and spread the word about our adoption! Until next time…

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