The Patchwork Project

Nesting. It’s happening in all its glory in the Reddy home. We have been waiting for a match now for several months and every day brings us closer to knowing more about the little ones who will be joining our family this year.

It has been three months since we moved from New York to Illinois. Our home study update and local/state clearances are all complete, and we have been officially approved to adopt in the state of IL. All our unpacking is done and we are slowly making this home our own. There is one area of the house

though that we haven’t really started: the bedrooms. Our new house has three potential bedrooms for our kids and we are waiting till we are matched before we decide which child goes in which bedroom and start decorating. Right now our girls only take up two of the bedrooms so one room is sitting empty, aside from our spare guest bed and a rocking chair. Sometimes I find myself wandering into that room to sit and pray for our little ones living far, far away.

The New Year brought changes to the Ugandan adoption program. Instead of a lengthy trip to Uganda, our agency has changed the process a bit, now the travel is broken into three smaller trips, for which we are thankful. We will both have to go on the first two shorter trips and then only one of us is required to go for the final trip where we pick up our children. This change is a huge answer to prayer for us. At the end of last year, many of the families who had traveled to Uganda to adopt ended up staying there for many weeks. Our hearts were willing, as we knew God would be faithful to sustain us and our children during the time when we were apart, but, my how our hearts rejoiced when we found out our time apart would be much shorter.

We are still making bib scarves and all the profits continue to go to help fund the adoption. Here’s a sweet surprise for anyone who has purchased a bib scarf...we have been saving the scraps from each and every bib scarf we make and those scraps are being turned into quilts for our adopted children, as well as other orphans in Uganda. We wanted to share all the love and kindness that so many of you have shown us and so, we’ve started piecing together the many patterns and prints into precious quilts to share with orphans in Uganda. We have saved one strip of fabric from every bib scarf we have sold and for every little red gift given. We will be taking the quilts with us to donate to the orphanage when we travel to Uganda. We’ve just begun to piece them together. Our older girls have been so excited to help with this special project. We can’t wait to see how many we are able to take with us. If you have bought a bib scarf from us, next time you look at it, take a moment to pray for the other child who will share a small piece of that very same fabric. So, for all of you who have given a little red gift or purchased a bib scarf, thank you. Your support has made such difference.

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