Enlarged Steps

Well, it is happening. In one week we are packing up and heading west.

The adoption process is infamous for glitches. So far, we’ve had mostly paperwork glitches, like an agency misspelling one of our names or writing in the wrong birthdate. Then, just after sending everything (dossier) off to Uganda, Ryan was offered a promotion at his job. After praying about it and discussing it with each other (and talking it over with our adoption agency), we decided to accept the promotion and move our family to Illinois. We had just over two months to find a new place to live and get settled before Ryan began his new position.

Our adoption agency was excited for our family and the blessing this new position would be for us. They recommended buying a home as soon as we could, instead of renting even for a few months. So we booked plane tickets and all five of us flew to Illinois to find and put an offer on a house.

Knowing we would be adding two little ones to our family helped us look for a house that would work well for our growing family. We looked at fifteen houses in two days, made an offer on one and closed on our new home today.

We are excited for all that God has for us in this new season. He took what we thought would be a major glitch in the adoption process and turned it into an incredible blessing for our family. Ryan will be home more often and more consistently and our new home has lots more space for all of our little ones.

The past few months have been a flurry of activity as we prepare for the move and say goodbye to dear friends. Since our dossier is already in Uganda, we have had very few adoption tasks to work on. We had one final appointment at the Department of Homeland Security to get another set of fingerprints done and have our picture taken, but that has been it.

Our adoption agency assured us moving would not delay our adoption since we are still waiting to be matched with little ones. Once we move, we will need to update our address on our documents and have another inspection of our new home. Other than those few things, most of the information in our home study and dossier will remain the same.

We started the adoption process not knowing how everything was going to work out. We took the first step towards adopting in January, knowing God is able. Since beginning the process, he has been faithful to meet us every single step of the way, going above and beyond what we ever thought was possible. There are many more steps to take once we are matched with our little ones, but we are confident that he is guiding our feet and will make a way.

“You have enlarged my steps under me; so that my feet did not slip”.

2 Samuel 22:37

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