Final Approval!

After exactly 100 days of waiting, our adoption paperwork successfully made it through on the China side.

This means we’ll be on a plane to China in eight to ten weeks!!!! We are so excited to start preparing for travel. Packing lists are made. Clothing for the boys picked out. Every kind of medicine imaginable is being stockpiled for just about any issue we may encounter in China. We are trying to figure out ways to keep a nine year old and a three year old happy on the fifteen-hour plane ride home. Mostly, though, we are daydreaming of the day when we finally get to meet our boys face to face.

This journey has lasted 806 days so far and is not over yet. We have one more brief round of paperwork before we bring our boys home. There have been so many folks praying for our boys and encouraging us through all the ups and downs on this journey. We are so thankful for all the love and support. Please continue to pray for our boys and our family, particularly during these final few weeks before we travel. Please pray these next few weeks go smoothly and that this last bit of paperwork goes through without any delays.

Thank you very much for your support and love. We are so grateful for each one of you!

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